4 Types Of Urban Planning Concepts Explained

4 Types Of Urban Planning Concepts Explained


If you’re looking for information about urban planning, you’ve come to the right place. There are many types of planning concepts – from Zoning to Housing and Master planning – that you need to understand. Read on to learn more about urban planning and its many benefits. If you’re unsure about some of the terms, consider our brief introduction to each concept. It’s sure to help you make informed decisions when developing a city’s future.

Master planning:

There are many types of urban planning concepts. The first is land-use planning, which involves zoning regulations. A master plan must determine the various types of uses, densities, and yields for a given parcel of land. It should also consider the type of housing needed in the area, including a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial uses. Landowners and government agencies must be consulted throughout the master planning process.

Land use:

The fundamental concepts of land use and urban planning are the development of a city, including the efficient allocation of land and the effective management of resources. The concept of land use is important because it helps local and regional governments plan the efficient fulfillment of their functions. The basic principles are simple yet complicated and can be applied to any city.


Zoning in urban planning is a way for a city to regulate the physical development of land. It helps the government regulate development, including what kind of activities are allowed in certain areas. Depending on the zoning, areas can be designated as either low density or high density, based on the amount of space they can take up. The laws also dictate how much space a certain type of structure can occupy on a particular lot. A zoning map is used to guide the development of a city.

Community development:

There are several different kinds of planning, including the process of community development. Other types of planning involve health care and finances. Traditional land use planning is another type of planning. Community development, however, is the main focus of the Community Development Department. Ultimately, community development is about improving the overall quality of life for all residents and achieving the common goals of the city. It can be applied at all levels, including community, national, and international, depending on the context.