First Time Apartment Renter's Guide - 4-Step Checklist

First Time Apartment Renter’s Guide – 4-Step Checklist


Before considering an apartment for rent in Dubai Marina, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself with a first-time apartment renter’s guide. A good checklist should include details about the expenses that you must pay for renting the apartment, including utilities and furnishings. You should also make sure that you have the required proof of income and employment to cover the rental amount and get personal references to prove your responsibility and employment.

Preparation for a first-time apartment renter’s guide:

There are many things to remember when preparing for a first-time apartment rental. Some things you may not think about until you’re moving into your new homes, such as buying essentials like a fire extinguisher or smoke detector. Make sure that the landlord has installed these items, but if they don’t, buy one. Keep it by the sink to avoid having to worry about forgetting it.

Expenses associated with renting an apartment:

There are a few expenses you’ll likely have to pay as a renter, but many of them can be avoided with a little planning. While landlords usually cover the majority of these costs, the renter is ultimately responsible for these, especially if the apartment has a separate utility bill. You should plan for the cost of gas and electricity as they may be included in the rent amount. Be sure to check your usage of these utilities.

Personal references prove your employment and responsibility:

Your previous landlords might not have references, which is why it’s important to get a character reference from someone you know. Ask former co-workers, college professors, coaches, or employers for unbiased character references. If they can’t provide a character reference, consider providing a few of them from people you don’t know well. Although references from family members aren’t always the best bet, they can provide a good idea of your character.

Besides your previous landlords, friends and relatives can also serve as personal references. They can tell a potential landlord about your character, employment history, and responsibility. A strong personal reference can help alleviate landlords’ concerns about your credit history, particularly if you have a poor credit history. But before you ask your friends for references, don’t forget to explain your situation.