Everything To Know About Stem Cell Hair Treatment

Everything To Know About Stem Cell Hair Treatment


Among the many benefits of stem cell hair in Dubai is its ability to reverse the shrinking hair follicles. The stem cells are taken from the patient’s fat tissue and concentrated before injected into the scalp. These stem cells can repair damaged tissues, reverse shrinkage, and promote hair growth. They also contain growth factors and cytokines that can help re-grow lost hair.

Side effects

The process of stem cell hair treatment is simple but not without risks. Before treatment, patients must undergo chemotherapy to destroy damaged blood cells. Stem cells will be transplanted into the scalp, promoting new hair growth. The procedure can take two to six sessions, depending on the patient. The cost of the procedure varies, but most patients will need two to six treatments before seeing a noticeable difference in their hair loss. Aside from the potential side effects, patients may also need to take antibiotics during the procedure to prevent infection. Most side effects of stem cell hair treatment will disappear within a few weeks, and the hair should grow back.


The costs associated with stem cell hair treatment vary from Dh 3,000 to Dh 10,000, with the final cost of the procedure largely depending on the severity of hair loss and the number of treatments needed. While hair transplant surgery is one of the most popular and effective ways to restore thinning hair, it can cost several thousand dollars or more. Sometimes, the cost can reach up to Dh 20,000 or more. Stem cell hair treatments are less invasive and more cost-effective alternatives.

Recovery time

Recovery time for stem cell hair treatment depends on the procedure performed. The procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis and can take anywhere from one to two hours. In some cases, PRP is used instead of fat stem cells. During the procedure, patients will receive a local anesthetic to lessen discomfort. The surgeon will collect fat cells from the donor area and spin them in a centrifuge before injecting them into the scalp. The stem cells are then infused into the scalp to encourage hair growth. Recovery time for stem cell hair treatment can range from five to seven days.