Challenges of Installing a False Ceiling

Challenges of Installing a False Ceiling


According to the best gypsum partition contractors in Dubai, a home needs a lot of maintenance. We have seen so many homes that have the best interior and that have the biggest area but since they are not maintained, it seems like a huge dumpster. The most difficult thing to maintain is the ceiling of the roof. We mostly clean the front, back, sides and the insides of the home, but we usually skip the roof and when the roof is pretty bad then it slowly and gradually starts to affect the inside of the roof as well (ceiling).

The best false ceiling contractors in Dubai say that if you have a small home and you want to have a home that gives a luxurious look then have a false ceiling at home. There are so many benefits of having a false ceiling like it keeps the house warm and reduces the electricity bills as well. If you have an old house and you want to give a renewal to your home then false ceiling comes in handy as it hides the dullness of the roof. But it is not that all good, there are some challenges of opting for false ceiling that you will learn about them here.

  1. The first issue is that it reduces the height of the rooms. There are so many people who already have a small home and a false ceiling will make their rooms look smaller.
  2. There are so many people out there who have claustrophobia. This is the fear of living in a congested place and some people can have an issue with this. And now a days, you will find less homes that don’t have false ceiling.
  3. The next issue we have already mentioned in the first paragraph and that is the maintenance. If you don’t remove the water from the roof and it reaches the ceiling then it will first affect the false ceiling and causing it to leak.
  4. The next issue is that it is not very much durable. If there is an earth quake, then these false ceilings are prone to fall down.

Since these ceilings are not durable, then if you live on ground floor and there is another story above you, there is a chance of instability